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A straightforward approach to employee health benefits

Our philosophy is simple - deliver great employee health benefits that give your employees better access to the care they need, lower prices, and a more enjoyable healthcare experience.

At Alchemy Health
we believe better employee benefits create happier employees

Who We Are
Alchemy Health is a privately held company, built to deliver honest health plans with accurate premiums. We know health benefits are broken. We also know they don't have to be. 

Our Approach
By creating relationships with clinical partners, we're bridging the gap between health insurance and healthcare. We build high performance health plans with better benefits, giving your employee better access at a more affordable price.

Our Commitment
Alchemy Health is built on the foundation of transparency and that foundation extends to all of our health benefits. Our employer groups have complete financial insight into every dollar spent. Every unspent dollar remains in your bank account. With Alchemy Health, spend only what you need and not a dollar more. 

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Putting the Benefit
back into employee benefits

Our employee benefit solutions deliver first dollar benefits for the very first time. Every plan design includes free benefits for employees and their families. Deliver more value to your employees with Alchemy Health.

High Performance Employee Health Benefits

Built around high-performance networks, every Alchemy Health solution includes health benefits just by being a member. All our members have access to free primary care visits, free urgent care visits, free generic medications, free routine labs, and free basic imaging. 

Tiered Networks that Deliver Honest Pricing

Our Tier 1 network partners understand healthcare costs and have committed delivering honest, accurate prices for medical services. When our members access tier 1 providers and facilities, healthcare becomes more affordable and accessible. In the event tier 1 providers aren't available in your region, our members have access to our national network partners and can seek care across the United States. 

Total Customization

With Alchemy Health, employers are back in control. Not only are our plan designs ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant, they also deliver complete customization. You choose your deductibles, copays, and more. Tailoring your employee health benefits gives you the opportunity to create solutions that reflect the culture and ecosystem of your workforce. 



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