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At Alchemy Health,
we believe better benefits create happier employees.

How We Compare


Alchemy Health

Primary Care

$25 - $50



$50 - $100


Urgent Care

$75 - $150


Generic Rx

$10 - $25


Mental Health

$75 and up



Alchemy Plan Designs

Alchemy Health Plans offer Lower medical premiums. Employers have the opportunity to save on claims costs, pharmacy costs, and administrative fees. 

Level Funded or Self Funded

  • Comprehensive plan design

  • Save up to 35% on annual health premiums

  • Customizable Rx formulary

  • Unspent money is returned to the employer

  • Expert care navigators for the entire workforce

  • High performance network

  • $0 benefits for employees and family members

  • Full transparency into plan utilization and claims data


Traditional Plans

Alchemy Plans

Fixed Costs

Fixed Costs

Variable Costs



Fixed costs offer no opportunity for savings. Variable costs are truly variable and every dollar saved in the variable bucket is returned to the employer.

Happier Employees

Top five ways we create

Access - National and Regional Networks

Cost - No Cost Office Visits and Generic Medications

Support - One-on-One Care Navigators

No Referrals

No Balance Billing

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