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Cassius? Is that You?

Many employers find themselves "on the ropes". Taking COVID-19 body shots with no end in sight. They question whether they'll make it another round. So where will they look to salvation?

Expertly managed expenses are a great place start.

One of the most significant cost components for any employer is employee benefits. But year after year, employers find themselves stuck with another 30% premium increase. Why?

My sense is the C-Suite is afraid to move. They perceive it to be "less risky" to remain fully insured rather than to move to alternatives. The fact is, there are a lot of good ones out there. The WSJ explores one option in the article below.

So let your current reality be "rope a dope" tactic for survival. While reality "punches itself out", THRIVE by getting to an alternative.

And maybe, just maybe... Captives are right for you.

WSJ on Captives:

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